Ralph Haynes

Ralph realized he had a passion for graphic design and web development when he was designing t-shirts and websites for his band. His increasing interest led him to get his degree in computer science from the University of West Florida. He joined the team in 2008 when Hail Studio was nothing more than a garage office and a few clients. Since then he has been monumental in helping the company grow to what it is today.

Ralph works way too much.

Jennifer Carlson

Jennifer has the hardest job by far: she make great efforts to keep 3 ADHD designers/developers on task in order to finish projects on-time and within budget. Jennifer joined the team in 2015 to fill the position of new project/office manager. Her highly organized and detail-oriented nature, made her a perfect fit for the job. Jennifer is an expert in search engine optimization and can surely get your site to the top of the rankings.

Jennifer will make you pay your bill.

Rachel Zampino

Rachel is a graphic designer and has an awesome last name. She just started today, so we will have to add her profile in the near future. Hopefully this isnt on here for long.

Since this photo was taken, Rachel no longer has a left arm. Her graphic design skills were not affected.